The Global Youth Ambassador Program (GYAP) is a comprehensive global education initiative that targets high school students from under-served communities of Metropolitan Atlanta and empowers them to become competitive in the global economy through leadership development, cultural competence, foreign language proficiency, service learning, and international travel.

Since GYAP’s inaugural year in 2008, over 250 high school students have participated in a comprehensive leadership program that has culminated in a cultural immersion trip to such countries as Brazil, China, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, and Turkey.

Nearly every participating student has expressed a complete satisfaction with the program. Students and parents have indicated in program evaluations that students have demonstrated growth in their leadership skills, public speaking abilities, foreign language proficiency, and knowledge of the global economy.

Now entering its 11th year of operation, GYAP will expand its offering a variety of travel destinations, including Germany, Mexico, South Africa, and South Korea.