2023 Global Leadership Academy

TRAVEL with us on one of our destinations programs, whether it's Mexico, Germany, Israel or South Africa!  What makes the Global Youth Leadership Program unique is the pre-departure training of participants, so that they can be transformed into Global Youth Ambassadors.  This training occurs in the Global Leadership Academy (GLA).

What is GLA? The 2023 Global Leadership Academy is a combination of virtual and in-person experiences where high school Ambassadors explore the language and culture of their chosen destination, while also learning about global careers and global justice AND receiving leadership training.

GLA is a prerequisite of the travel experience in the Summer of 2023.

Registration is open now. Apply TODAY!

The Global Leadership Academy (GLA) is an exciting, daily interactive experience where high school students learn to be leaders in their schools, their communities, and in their exploration of various countries around the world. GLA is held daily two weeks in advance of the scheduled destination trip.

To travel with us to one our our international travel destinations in the Summer of 2023, students must first complete the GLA online application and attend the leadership academy in the June or July of 2023. Open Enrollment is now available for the 2023 Summer Global Leadership Academy.  APPLY TODAY

For more information on travel, click the link Destination programs. For students traveling to one of our one of our travel destinations, the required travel deposit is $150, and includes the Global Leadership Academy (Summer).


Global Leadership Academy Testimonial by Jaivyn